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Purchase with Stirling Ackroyd

If you are looking to purchase a property, our expert team are fully qualified to assess and orientate you in all aspects related to the real estate market.

Clear business: We have been in the real estate business on the Costa Blanca since 1986. Our professional manner and experience have given us the reputation of being clear, correct, accurate and effective in our business. Our specialization in this area gives you the precise market situation along with the legal aspects you need to know when making an investment here. Stirling Ackroyd, qualified real estate agent (GIPE) and Costa Mediterráneo Villas SL, a promotion and construction company; a team of real estate professionals at your disposal.

Clear agreements: Our business is based on clear agreements. Whether it is an appraisal of the property, a sales mandate or a private contract, a written agreement will ensure that the agreed conditions are fufilled.

Simple confidence: Attention to detail, punctuality and customer service give our clients the full confidence they need when it comes to real estate. The consistency and reliability makes our clients return in search of our services for more than 35 years. The company offers a personalized service to meet the needs of its customers.

No secrets: The Stirling Ackroyd team provides the confidence, transparency and honesty that corresponds to the real estate business. We place the services of Stirling Ackroyd at the height of the responsibility and commitment that the investor needs. Our sales services include providing owners with information about the visits made to their property and a permanent management of the privacy of the property.

Clear Commissions: One of the points that has been most successful among our clients is the clarity with which we say what we charge. We provide a service, with a dedication in time, technology and knowledge that must have adequate remuneration. The quality of our service is guaranteed and we work with greater interest in making your property sell with the greatest speed and profitability.

Trust Agreement: All our clients establish with Stirling Ackroyd a contract of full trust that includes among its clauses the commitment of confidentiality and the guarantee of success in the term of signature agreed before a notary.

Tested Properties: We like to know and know the details of the properties that are under our marketing commitment. We carry out together with the owner a total analysis of the property in order to establish its best sale. We also carry out a work of documentation and consultation on urban regulations related to the property, deeds, payment situation of taxes and other information that is necessary to know in order to carry out the transaction of sale perfectly.


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