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More and More Appreciated:

If you're unfamiliar with the Costa Blanca, now is the time to read about the particular reasons we have chosen, that makes this region stand out:

The Mediterranean Sea:
For all of us lucky enough to live close to the sea, you know the magnetism sent out, that urges you to go and enjoy its pleasures. Every day it changes, its clear blue and greens depending on the sky and sun. Crystal clear waters along its coasts and approved safe beaches are to be admired. Once you tried the Mediterranean, you will appreciate why every year, more people are visiting and living permanently by its side.

The Climate:
When you leave Spain, you begin to realise why so many people are attracted to this part of the world; in the search of the good climate. Over here, cold weather is almost unfamiliar throughout the year, allowing us to enjoy the exterior, even in the colder months. Summer maybe the initial attraction, but one soon realises that the rest of the year compares to the north European summers, making our winters like their summers. The average monthly temperature still lies at 24º (80ºF) and boasts over 300 days of sunshine. The province is engulfed in a range of small mountains protecting it from hinterland weather and receives its micro-climate effect from the sea.

Its People:
The great variety of cultures and nationalities that have visited this region over many years, have left behind the ' Carpe Diem '  attitude, so predominant within the Mediterranean character. An open receptive manner, willingness to share their region and noble respect for others. These qualities have gained them a reputation of being warm, honest, friendly and helpful.

The Costa Blanca can boast an excellent cuisine stemming back from old traditional recipes. Traditionally rice forms a major part in their dishes, however their proximity to the sea influences the grand variety of recipes and dishes that are predominant in their daily diet. Local markets offer fresh fruit and vegetables, a large variety of fresh fish and quality meat, second to none. Eating out can be an experience itself, a variety of excellent Spanish, European or Asian restaurants are available. Fancy a Spanish paella, an English breakfast, a German bratwurst or a French Baguette, the choice is yours.

Security and Tranquillity:
Many visitors come to the Costa Blanca knowing full well that they are assured a relaxed and secured stay. The level of crime is extremely low and the sensation of being secure is reassuring at all times. A late evening walk to wherever you wish to go, will not present you with an uncomfortable experience, but will be another quiet and delightful moment you will remember. This secure and stable region enjoys a relaxed, peaceful and quality standard of living.

Local Customs:
The level of integration of visitors surpasses all expectations. This region welcomes everyone with it arms opened wide, including them as though they were neighbours. Their long acquaintance with international visitors has shown the locals how their region is so appreciated. Evolving integration from European countries over the past 50 years has created a perfect example of a harmonious cosmopolitan community. Whether they include you in their traditional local fiestas or meet you in the street, a warm welcome and a smile is always ready for you.  They like their region and sharing with others and are always happy to make new neighbours. This is the Costa Blanca.

Communication and Main Services:
The region has a modern roads, train, ferry and airport transport system. Within the hour you have Alicante and Valencia cities. A good network of small roads and trains give access to all the region. This a region of many individual properties,  means the main form of transport is by road. All towns and villages have mains services.

Spare Time:
The Costa Blanca is a paradise for those with spare time on their hands. Marine activities are possible throughout the year, whether diving, fishing, cruising or just lazing on the beach.  Practice tennis, go cycling, mountain walking, horse riding, play golf whenever you like, the good weather will accompany you. Out door markets and local fiestas among the many activities you can enjoy.  Costa Blanca offers ample night life entertainment including  pubs, tapas bars, dancing establishments, theatres and live music.

The Costa Blanca brings together the beauty of sea and mountains. It is actually one of the most undulating regions of Spain, creating beautiful valleys and hills. Stretching along its coast, numerous bays, beaches and cliffs make a wonderful contrast in coastlines. Inland valleys covered with vineyards, almond, olive, orange/ lemon orchards and the coast with exotic palms, pines, cactus and flowering plants. From many places spectacular breathtaking views can be admired.

The Valencian Community (La Comunidad Valenciana) offers the latest technology and services. Modern hospitals, medical specialists, schools, institutions and as well as professionals in all sectors provide an excellent service.  Local authorities, international banks, official organisations and private business provide the back-bone of the business in this region.  Costa Blanca a region of wealth and prosperity providing you with quality services and reliability.

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