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Construction of High Energy Efficiency Buildings - NEW REGULATION 2020

The year 2020 approaches and, with it, a more respectful European habitat with the environment. This is the date that the European Union has established so that the countries fulfill the regulation to be a more energy efficient, a challenge that especially affects the construction and real estate sector.

The sustainability of new buidlings that save energy by means of the use of a good insulation/isolation and of clean energies, that construction companies must implement to abide with the target marked for 2020.

The principles for an efficient house are: a suitable thermal insulation/isolation and acoustic, exterior carpentry of high quality, absence of air leakages and thermal bridges.

This sytem we offer, is an integral construction system, earthquake resistant, made from thermally and acoustically insulating materials, providing unbeatable facilities due to its speed of execution, structural strength and top quality comfort.

It is based on the utilization of lost formwork built from high density EPS pieces, connected to each other, forming up enclosures and structural divisions, so that once the rebar is installed and filled with concrete, it provides a retaining wall system which allows insulation on both sides of the wall. 

This, together with the slabs, makes a complete building structure with no need of pillars. The easy assembly and handling of EPS blocks considerably reduce the labor force and final stage of completion; also, as we are dealing with reinforced concrete, the system presents a great versatility of architectural design and construction, and its adaptability, characteristics, behavior and demands are highly qualified, studied and regulated.


The bioclimatic architecture is a concept adapted to the environment, sensitive to nature, attempting to reducing energy cost and environmental pollution.

We create bioblimatic housing of energy certification class A, providing maximum comfort and a considerable reduction in the cost of energy.

- Biomass boiler.
- Smart home installation.
- Radiant floor system.
- Presence detector.
- Exterior carpentry with break in the termal bridge.
- Energy efficient household appliances.
- Divided discharge tank.
- Thermostatic tapware with reduced water flow.
- Power generated through photovoltaic panels.
- A.C.S. (Domestic hot water) with solar thermal energy.
- Natural light and “envelope insulation”
- Integrated vegetation, Green covers.
- Geothermal energy.
- Generation and storage of drinking water by transforming ambient air.

We plan, design and construct buildings with highly efficient energy savings; optimal insulation, reduction of thermal loss in enclosures for façades (front enclosures) with an important heating and cooling saving, all of which help to the maximize the rate in the energy perfomance certificates for buildings.

It reduces between 60-70% energy with regard to traditional housing, and reduces pollution emissions to the air, that is how our buildings achieve the maximum rate of class A+.













With this double insulation system, we achieve perfect enclosure of the building envelope with no thermal bridges or losses.

In this thermal photography we can appreciate that all the façade is at the same temperature, not allowing inside temperature to escape through any thermal bridges.












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