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If you are interested in selling a property, it is essential to know the market value. There are many influential variables and it is necessary to take them all into account so as not to put a price outside the market, either above or below it.

Stirling Ackroyd puts at your disposal its team of specialists in real estate valuations prepared to provide a vision that reflects with greater reality the price that buyers are willing to pay.

On ocasions, even bank valuations leave out of their analysis important details for the sale that influence the price that the market is willing to pay.

If you are interested in knowing our individual assessment personally, please contact us and we will offer you our information and experience, totally free.

Process for Selling your Property

Preparation, Documention and Price

If you wish to sell your property, a series of factors must be determined before the property is marketed: the importance of having your property looking its best;  documents concerning the property must be in order (property deeds, local taxes and service contracts); a selling price is to be determined; this is established by calculating the real value, knowing the actual market value and your expected figure. 

Compile Marketing Documentation

A port-folio of each property is generated. The maximum information is required concerning the property. Legal documents, floor plans, architects drawings, land plans, quality descriptions, photographs and videos form part of the requirements necessary to compete and sell in today's market. For sellers that  work on a SOLE AGENCY mandate, the requirements mentioned will be complied and created by Stirling Ackroyd free of charge. For no sole agency basis, a free, reduced port-folio is compiled, however the level of marketing is reduced.

Present your Property at its best

When presenting a property, organisation is essential.  The property must be ready for showing on the day and time previously agreed. The property should be at its best; not only be clean, tidy and smell good, but all curtains and shutters be opened to allow natural day light in and all doors be unlocked to allow a proper viewing. Selecting the best time of the day to show the property is very important. First impressions mark the way to a successful sale. 

Our Network - Sole Agency

The network Stirling Ackroyd have set up over the past 35 years include European agents covering Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Holland and Scandinavia.  Our collaborators in Spain include local agents, architects, promotion and construction companies and others closely related. The established network provides ample market coverage to ensure your property is offered to a wide audience. When a property has SOLE AGENCY character, it will be included in the entire network; this allows you to have only one agent to represent you yet the property is offered through various sources. This a great advantage to the property owner as all negotiation is directly between two parties: i.e. the seller and Stirling Ackroyd.

Sale negotiation

The negotiation of the sale is a delicate situation; the buyer wants to achieve the lowest price and the seller wants the highest possible price; this can lead to either parties being offended during  negotiation. In order to avoid this situation, Stirling Ackroyd are there to act as the intermediate negotiators for both seller and buyer. We will defend your best interests and help you to close the sale with all the 'small print' made clear.   However should both parties wish to negotiate directly during a viewing, Stirling Ackroyd will not intervene in the closing of the sale price, but will conclude the agreed sales mandate conditions.

Please enquire for further details.

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