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After-sales services: Stirling Ackroyd provides you with the contacts to maintain your property without charging its customers. We provide qualified and trustworthy personnel who take care of the detail of your property: masons, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, cleaning, painters and insurance companies.

Private Contracts: Stirling Ackroyd Spain ensure that all agreements and contracts are correct and legally binding. We ensure both parties have an unbiased position. From the initial deposit down payment to secure a sale through to the signing over of the title deeds, a private purchase / sales contract drafted, that secures all conditions of the sale.

Survey Checks -Debts and Encumbrances : Our internal survey checks: title deed legalities, public registry inscription status, local authority planning legalities, future potential development plans, building infringements and outstanding payments. If any negative information is acquired with our internal survey, the property will not be marketed until the necessary amendments have been made.

Total Cost Estimation: We prepare an detailed list of all the costs involved such as: legal costs, taxes, notary fees, registration and bank obligations.  Buyers and sellers are ensured a final net figure is calculated for the complete transaction costs.

Non Resident Tax Number: For those living in Spain less than 3 months per annum, a fiscal number is required when dealing with official organisations in Spain. So a NIE (Número Identificación de Extranjero - Foreign ID Number)  must be applied for.  A simple but required document that one needs to open a bank account, purchase property etc. We can help you obtain this requisite.

Public Notary - Land Registry: This phase being the most important one in the complete transaction.  Both parties are accompanied by Stirling Ackroyd to the public notary where the official title deeds are to be signed over. We will verbally translate the deeds or act as the official translators if required. Property service receipts and payment authenticity is checked accordingly.  When both sides are satisfied the notary then proceeds with the signing over from seller to buyer.

The new title deeds will then be registered by the notary; this involves paying the property transfer tax and presenting the new title deeds to the official land registry.

Other Services: 

-Exchange of service contracts and standing orders.

-Drafting of power of attorney's and verbal translations.

-Drafting of public documents for new construction etc.

-Banks and loans.

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